The Jazzy Kneeling Chair

A strong back is a healthy back

Our daily routines have become shaped by the need to spend much of the day sitting in front of a screen, so it is vital we spend this time on well designed, supportive seating.
A report by the UK Health and Safety Executive in 2014 concluded that keyboard work is one of the main tasks associated with the development of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Employers have a responsibility to provide their employees with a safe working environment which includes the seats they sit on. However, the expensive investment in fully adjustable office chairs is often negated by employees not being shown how their chair should be adjusted and not being educated on how bad posture can create ongoing health problems.
There is of course no single product to help improve everyone’s sitting position and much is down to the individual’s own discipline in maintaining a good seated posture. Some will find a well-adjusted chair and footrest helpful, others a standing desk and others a kneeling chair. A kneeling chair such as our Jazzy Kneeling Chair encourages an upright posture by easing the hips forward and aligning the back, shoulder and neck. Kneeling chairs were designed upon the ergonomic concept that “a strong back is a healthy back”.  Unlike a conventional chair, the sitting position of a kneeling chair engages your core muscles and will in time help strengthen your back and contribute to a better posture and less back or shoulder pain.
As with any desk chair it is important to adjust it to fit your own body shape.  With a kneeling chair it is important that you have the majority of your weight going through your seat bones and are only using the knee rest to give a little extra support.  The introduction of a back rest on the Jazzy Kneeling Chair gives you more support when you need it.
Having the right chair does not mean you should spend the whole day on it.  You should continue to take regular breaks away from your desk, which is always a good reason to head towards the coffee machine.
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