Changing our bad posture habits

Don’t move; just take a moment to notice how you are sitting. Are your shoulders somewhere near your ears, your back bent and are your legs are crossed too? Probably. Now try lifting your sternum, relaxing your shoulders and positioning yourself directly in front of your screen with both feet on the floor. This is how you should be sitting but how many of us actually do? The amount of time we spend in front of a screen has increased hugely over the last few years and so have the number of people complaining of back issues. These issues are mostly caused by our bad posture habits practised daily while we sit, stand and move about. Many of us spend all day hunched in front of a computer and then the evening slouched in front of the television. Therefore we shouldn’t be surprised when our backs ache or our shoulders are tense as our bodies were not designed to be in these positions for hours on end. The solution is to retrain our muscle memory so that we again feel comfortable sitting, standing and walking in the correct alignment. Poor posture is a simple problem to resolve but a difficult one to keep remembering to correct. One of Jobri’s most popular products is BackTone, a simple piece of equipment that reminds you, with a beep or vibration, when you fall back into your bad posture habits. The advantage of BackTone is that it can be worn for a short time each day and that within two to three weeks you will notice a difference in your posture even when not wearing it. BackTone is worn like a backpack and is fully adjustable to your shape. BackTone helps you stop slouching, ensures your shoulders are relaxed and your head is correctly positioned and if you slip back into your old habits the sensor will quickly remind you and will only turn off once you have corrected your posture. The physiotherapist who developed the product has created several online tutorials to show you how to fit and use your BackTone, enabling you to quickly and easily correct your own posture. Once you are walking and sitting tall those aches and pains brought on by incorrect posture should begin to fade. Now, in the few minutes it has taken to read this blog have you remembered to remain sitting in your good posture pose?